The Menu

From the garden

Jerusalem Hummus

Our Traditional Hummus served with Garbanzo & Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Chickpea Falafel + Fire Roasted Shawarma

Falafel & Fusion Tabbouleh

Ground Chickpea Bites seasoned with Herbs & Spices served on a bed of Red Quinoa Tabbouleh topped With a Turkish Apricots + Sesame Tahini

Smoked Eggplant Carpaccio

Charcoal Smoked Eggplant, Sesame Tahini, Date Honey, Za’atar, Extra Olive oil, Dead sea Coarse Salt Micro Greens, Feta

Onion Rings Tower

Crispy Hand Breaded White Onions served with Alfredo BBQ Aioli Sauce

Crispy Avocado Roll

Cilantro Honey Basil Pesto, Fresh Lime Vinaigrette & Sundried Tomatoes

Jungle Salad

Mixed Baby Greens, Romaine, Roma Tomatoes, Persian Cucumbers, Spanish Onions, Baby Bell Peppers, Hand Shredded Carrots, Sliced Almonds topped with Honey Cilantro Vinaigrette. + Lebanese Chicken + Crispy Chicken Shnitzel,

Off the flames tapas

Shawarma Tacos

Slow fire Roasted Chicken, Hand Sliced and marinated in a Turkish Bazaar Spice Mix, served with Citric Pico De Gallo + Add a 3rd Taco

Argentinean Asado

Inspired by the Annual Asado Festival in Argentina, Thinly Sliced Short Rib Topped with Chimichuri

Lamb & Beef Merguez

North African Beef & Lamb Mixed with Ground Caraway, Smoked, Sweet, And Spicy Paprika served on a bed of Tomato Matboocha & Poached Egg

Moroccan Beef Cigars

Hand-rolled Slow Cooked Beef & Caramelized Onions with a Moroccan Twist Garnished with Harissa Tahini

Beef Kibbeh

Fine Ground Bulgar. Caramelized Beef & Spanish Onions, Harissa Tahini Fresh Cilantro Jalapeno Mezza

Mediterranean entrees

(served with a side dish of your choice)

Slow Fire Shawarma

Stone Oven Jaffa Street Laffa, Fillet Chicken & Smoked Lamb Fat marinated in a Secret Jerusalem Spice Mix, Roasted on an Open Flame, served with Side of Garden Chopped Salad.

Black Angus Persian Kabob Skewers

Ground Beef Blended with Spices and Herbs Grilled over Lava Rocks, served with Grilled Tomato & Jalapeno

Lebanese Chicken Fillets

Dark Meat Baby Chicken with Lebanese Spice Blend Grilled over Lava Rocks, served with Purple Beat Tahini

Safta's Crispy Shnitzel Milanese

Double Panko Breaded Chicken Breast, Lightly Fried to Golden Perfection served with Fresh Lemon, Tempura Onions & BBQ Alfredo Aioli

9-Hour American Brisket

Hickory Smoked for 3 Hours, then Slow Braised for 6 Hours, Finished off in a Sweet Date Reduction

Jerusalem Ultimate Burger

All American Black Angus Beef Patty on a Garlic Brioche Bun, Baby Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Tempra Onions + Side of Chefs Seasoned Fries & BBQ Alfredo Aioli + Brisket + Poached Egg + Parve Cheese + Extra Patty

The All American

18oz 28 Day Aged Rib Eye Steak, De-Boned and Sliced Served with Garlic Confit, Balsamic Onions, & Argentinean Chimichurri

Argentinean Boneless Ribeye

Grain-Finished 16oz Argentinean Boneless Rib Eye Dry Aged for 10-12 Days Serviced with our Chefs Favorites.


Chef's Seasoned Fries

Long Crisps served with Alfredo BBQ Aioli & Ketchup

Garden Chopped Salad

Diced Persian Cucumbers, Roma Tomatos, Spanish Onions, Olive oil & Herbs

Couscous + 7 Vegetable Medley

Home style Moroccan Couscous top with Vegetable Medley & Broth

Saffron Infused Basmati Rice

Steamed Basmatti Infused with Tumeric & Saffron

TriColor Rosemary Potatoes

Baby Potatoes baked with fresh rosemary and herb infused Olive oil

Smoked Grilled Potatoes
Jerusalem Ptitim Pearls
Mejadara Lentil Rice
Basmati White Rice
Za’atar Laffa & Arabian Parve Tatziki

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