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4 Reasons Why People Eat Kosher

Whether it’s for religious reasons or health concerns, many people are turning to a kosher diet. With the growing number, we’re pleased to know that people have a variety of reasons as to why they do it.

1. Accommodating to Kosher Friends and Family

One of life’s greatest pleasures is to sit at the dinner table enjoying a delicious meal with friends and family. When someone at home or a close family friend lives a strict kosher diet, it provides a huge incentive to cook kosher meals. Those parents whose children become more religious might decide that it’s best to keep a kosher home so that everyone in the home can eat a meal together.

2. Allergic to Dairy or They’re Lactose Intolerant

You don’t have to be Jewish to have a kosher diet. However, because the law enforces a strict separation of meat and dairy, those who have allergies to dairy are assured that no dairy products are incorporated in their meal. Parave and meat are 100% guaranteed to be free of dairy.

3. The Welfare of Animals

Many people are concerned about the well-being of animals as they feel consciously better buying kosher meat. The Torah has a very strong stance regarding the suffering of any creatures. So, for all kosher meat, a slaughter ritual called shechita is practiced to make it humane and quick. Unlike industrial slaughterhouses, the reality of animals are grim.

4. Vegetarians

The separation of meat and dairy should never be mixed. With that in mind, vegetarians know when meat is served and they never have to worry about meat extracts lurking in their food.


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