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What to Expect When You’re Transition to a Kosher Lifestyle

It may seem like changing to a kosher home is daunting as this shift of lifestyle can be extreme. You might want to go 100% all in and is afraid to make mistakes. So we’re giving you ideas on how to keep a kosher home to make things just a tad bit easier for you.

Before we begin, we just want to say that you’re on the right path! Taking it slow and steady is very important on your journey to keeping kosher as Jewish rules can be a bit strict! But fear not; if you mess up, there’s always room for improvement.

Always look at it as a compromise. Imagine yourself as an adult learning a whole new language. Wouldn’t it make sense to learn the basics first before jumping to other challenges? There’s always a sense of compromise when you’re starting to learn something new. You could miss a certain rule by accident and not even know it. So going 100% kosher on your first month is possible, but leave some room for mistakes.

As you can see, we’re emphasizing on slow processes because mitzvah is pretty much the same thing!

As a compromise, you need to believe that eliminating bacon or cheeseburger is one step closer to a kosher lifestyle. So your journey always starts small, and you’ll continue to learn and grow!

As for mitzvah, this is one additional step: Torah is not all or nothing. Every mitzvah is a true relationship with the One Above. Every time we put on tefillin, every time we eat kosher, and every time we observe Shabbat, something tremendous happens.

The following are some ways to make your transition much easier.

Phase One:

  • Purchase kosher meat.
  • Don’t meat with dairy.

Phase Two:

  • Purchase products with kosher labels only. This may sound a bit intimidating, but the truth is, there’s plenty of kosher food in grocery stores. Some stores may even have a dedicated kosher section.
  • Separate your cutlery, pans, and pots for groups like dairy and meat. Mark them with their new spaces so you don’t mix them up. The division will make it easier for you to minimize messups in your brand new kosher kitchen.

Phase Three:

  • Have a rabbi check your home to determine the best place for you to prepare dairy and meat products. He will also determine whether your utensils are in need to be “kosher” which could go under a purification method or you may be advised to get a completely new set.
  • Ovens and sinks will have to be koshered to officiate your transformation! We wish you good luck on all your efforts! Remember, there’s always room for improvement. So if you mess up, don’t be hard on yourself and just try again!

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