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Slow Cooked Cilantro Chicken

What better way is it to return home after a long day from work to a nice home cooked meal? While all of us don’t have that convenience, slow cookers make it possible! This is why we have come up with an incredible kosher recipe for you to try! Shall we get started on this?

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What you’ll need:

3 lbs chicken thighs

3 cups chicken broth

2 tbsp cilantro

⅓ cup lime juice

3 tbsp chili powder

¼ paprika

2 tbsp cornstarch

¼ pepper

4 olive oil

½ heavy cream

3 tsp cumin



Use a skillet and turn your stove to medium high. Drizzle olive oil on it. In a bowl, mix cumin, chili powder, pepper, and paprika. Rub all of this seasoning on the chicken until it is evenly distributed. Sear the chicken until they are brown on both sides. Once this is done, put the chicken in the slow cooker. With the chicken broth alongside lime juice, cook this combination for about 6 hours on medium heat. If you want faster results, put it on high for about 4 hours. When this is done, remove the chicken while adding cornstarch, cilantro, heavy cream and water. Put it back in the slow cooking and let this mixture thicken for about 20 minutes.

Serve this delicious treat with rice and enjoy!

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