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The Culinary Heritage of Jerusalem Grill

The cross-fertilization of cultures and traditions – both religious and secular- have evolved from Arab, Jewish, Eastern Europe and North African cuisine.  In Jerusalem today, you will find recurring themes along the seaside town of Acre that include: olives, falafel, fresh vegetable salads, pita, filo do pastries and many, many bowls of hummus.  

The roots of Israeli food culture dates back thousands of years, and Israeli cuisine today is a melting pot of flavors that were inspired by many different regions when a wave of people tenaciously clung to their culinary heritages as a way of preserving their identities, until they eventually shared cooking styles.

Israel has a luxury of fresh, seasonal produce and that is reflected in the fine cuisine. By offering dazzling combinations of ingredients and spices, you can enjoy a medley of cross –cultural flavors and traditional dishes that are uniquely Israeli – for example, the falafel sandwich, the classic Israeli salad without which no meal is complete. This colorful blend of two colors – red and green – is served fresh, and like falafel and couscous, it has found its way into the mainstream Israeli food repertoire.

Meat lovers will enjoy kebab dishes that are carefully prepared, perfectly marinated and as the main attraction, a kebab is prepared only from the best cut meats, often seared over hot coals for just the right amount of time and serve in pita that is freshly baked on the premises. Add a modest addition of parsley, min, onion, and lemon – the result – you will wonder how a kebab can actually taste so good.  The answer lies offering the perfect balance between basic flavors and rich ones, and when accompanied with a tasty appetizers, fresh salad and a reasonable price – a visit to Jerusalem Grill makes this a most desirable venture.

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