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Tips on Planning for a Kosher Meal

Planning for a kosher meal can be tricky especially when you’re new to the practice, and inviting others to a special occasion can be even more difficult as you’ll need to accommodating to each person. For this specific practice, mixing dairy products with meat should not happen as this is against the Jewish dietary laws. So, while you’re feeling the pressure on preparing for the perfect meal, the following are just some tips to help you.

Your guests needs.

There are some people who go to the extreme of not consuming food from a kitchen that has not been koshered. So, find out what your guests’ practices as some might not even be able to eat anything from a kitchen that has not been koshered.

Purchase your kosher meat ahead of time.

Buying kosher meat is difficult, and only a few markets would carry them. When looking for a kosher butchers, you might notice that they close early on Fridays and are not open at all on Saturdays in observance of the Shabbat. So, going as early in the morning to snag some meat for your dinner is a must to beat the closing hours.

Do not mix meat and dairy

Kosher meals that is served with meat like lamb, beef or chicken should not be mixed with dairy. This means that milk, butter or cheese should not be incorporated to any meal at all. This is probably one priority that should not be ignored.

Planning ahead for a kosher dinner  is always the key to a successful meal. When you’re not prepared for it, you might end up performing an incorrect procedure and mess it all up. Most importantly, have fun cooking up a storm in the kitchen! Enjoy cooking kosher food as they are very delicious to begin with!


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